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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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    It was 2 years ago. I was in 5th grade, there was a micro-burst in my town. The micro-burst was only about 15 minutes, but I'm not sure because i was at my grandparents house. That's about 20 minutes away, so all we got at my grandparents house was a bad thunder and lightning storm.

    Whenever my cousins come to my house there is always bad weather, rain, thunder, lightning you name it and it happens. We were all in a small house and there was about 13 of us there, so after the storm ended we decided that we were going to go bridge jumping since the tide would high. When we left on the way back to my house to get our bathing suits and towels we couldn't find a way home. There were six people in the car (that i remember) my mom, my older sister, my younger sister, my younger brother, my older cousin, and me, all squished in the car. (We have a small car.) My younger sister and i were sitting in the back of the car, it was one of those cars were the back sits face the backwards so we were watching the whole thing from the back. We also had a another car following us because our car didn't hold everyone.

    When we got to my town and started seeing everything that had happened there and what had happened at my grandparents house it was amazing. This was the first big thing that had ever happened to my small little town. Since we saw that there was no way that we could go bridge jumping, when we couldn't even get to the house.   

    From the back it looked like the town have been destroyed, it was terrible. It was just amazing to me because i had never experienced something like that in my life. (nothing happens in my town) I remember there there was just everything to look at and everywhere i turned there was something new that i could take in. Trees cut in half, Power lines down in people's front yards. We were tying to find a way back to our house for 2 hours, but we finally did it! 

    "Wow!" was my exact words for describing what happened to my house in the storm. My neighbors had trees down in their yards and power lines down, just like the rest of town but my house was wow! My house looked just like it did when we had left. The toys on the chair in front were still there and they were as big as your small finger nail. It was truly something to see. The only bad things we got out of the microburst that year were no electricity and not being able to leave my house for a few days.

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