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Hi this is cm and the internet is a very dangerous tool. To keep you and friends safe here are some saftey tips,

1.If you are shopping online make sure it is a well known company and make sure tha there is either a pad lock or in the address bar https.


2. Never put your phone number or address online. If you put your phone number or your adress online someone you do not know could try to kidnap you or break in.


3. Don't talk to anyone you don't know online.


4. Never put a picture pf you online so that everyone can see it. What you put on the internet will never go away.


5. If you do talk to a person you don't know online and they ask you to meet them somewhere don't do it. Even if you are with a friend it is still not safe.


6.Never give your email account, phone number,address, creidt card number, or  username and password to a website that you aren't sure is real or someone can be using creadt card to buy or do things online. 


7. If you have a Facebook or Myspace, make sure you set it so only your friends can see it. You really should not have a facebook account untill you are 13 years old.


8. If you are being cyberbullied, don't be afraid to tell a parent or a guardian that is with you like a teacher.


9. If you get an email about something that you are sure isn't true just delete it.


10. If you get cyberbullied in an email or social networking site, immediately block the sender or push the print screen button on the top of the keyboard.

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