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The internet is a very powerful resource. Sometimes you need to be careful. Here are my top ten internet safety tips. Hopefully these can help you to be more safe and careful!!!

#1: Never share your passwords, even to the people you can trust most.

#2: If you're on a puplic chat room, dont tell that person your name, address, phone number, or how old you are. You might think this person you are talking to is you're age, but they might not be. Maybe they are an adult trying to get personal information out of you.

#3: If you are being cyber bullied, ignore it. If it keeps happening, you can always tell a parent. If it keeps happening to you and your parents aren' t home you can always use your print / screen button. This will automatically take a photo of the page you have up. You can go to the microsoft office document and press Ctrl, v, Then what will happen is whatever you took the " photo " of would appear on the microsoft office document.

#4: Lets say for instance that you recieved an e -mail, and it said you are missing some things from your Bank of America account. Please contact us immediately. Just ignore,and delete. If you really had things missing from your account, the people from that bank will call you and talk to you personally.


#5: Never go to an ATM when you are outside, and alone. You can always go inside the bank.


#6: If you do online shopping make sure it is secure. You can figure that out by looking at the URL bar, it should say https.


#7: If you are getting bad messages you can always block the sender.


#8: If there is a hyperlink you are looking at you can put your mouse over the hyperlink, and look at the bottom left hand corner. It will tell you where the hyperlink leads to.


#9: you should not open e-mails from strangers.


#10: Ask an adult before going on a website you've never gone on before.

now you know some safe ways for when you go on the computer next time.


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