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When i was nine, one weekend I was in North Conway with my mom, dad, Ali, Ali's mom, and Laddy my dog. Ali and I were really bored so the parents decided that we drive up Mt.Washington. It was a nice warm fall day and the leaves were changing colors. When we got to the mountain we droped my dad and dog off because they wanted to climb up Mt.Washington instead. The way up was really steep and about two-thrids the way up the car started to overheat. So we pulled the car over to the side to let it cool. When we stopped there was a rocky cliff going way down right beside us. When we looked at the mountains surrounding us they were all different colors because that the leaves were changing colors. When the car was ready to go we drove the rest of the way up till we got to the top. We visted all the buildings learning about Mt.Washingto. My dad met us only about  thirty minutes after we arrived up. The view from the top was breathetaking, we could see for miles away. I had a nice day with my family and friends and the mountain was beautiful.

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