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      Hello my name is Jaius Rantiya Protius.  I was a Roman legioniar when I was younger. My main purpose was just to attack the enemy army after the calvary and the archers had weakend them. I remeber the time we invaded the Celtic territory called Gaul.

      The Celtics were so uncivilized! We went to see their cheif and when I shook his hand the smell was horrible! We saw their buildings and they were the equivillent to one of our temporary camps their buildings were made of mud and straw . Instead of having solid stone walls like ours they had mere hedges! They had such strange ways of  dressing they had weird gold rings around their necks which as far as I could tell served no purpose but their shields were round and oblong and covered the whole body but it was only  made of wood where as ours were rectanguler and reinforced with animal skins. Our spear  also called a pilum would break on contact with a hard surface our idea was very useful in a defensive position whereas the celtic spear which  was barbed so it went in smoothly  and tore the flesh as it came out was better on the offensive level. Our longsword called a gladius was about the same as  the celtic sword. One reason i am alive to write this is because of our superior armor  we had  plate armour  whereas they just  had their shirts and cloaks. When it came to the less... diplomatic area of our contact with the celtics our organized army crushed the head on charge of the Celtics.

   Those are my personal thoughts on what most of the Celtics were like, although, the ones that joined Rome weren't half bad but the ones that didn't absolutley despised mother Rome. I hope evryone that reads this will find it very informative.

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