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Life As a Roman Soldier

Hello my name is Adrian. I am a roman soldier who fights with the most powerful disciplined army. I am proud to be a soldier and fight for Rome. Through my life as a soldier you will learn what i wore and where i lived. You will read about the difficulties of my life, from almost dying in war to my basic training and exercises. In this essay I will also compare and contrast the life of a Roman Soldier versus a Celtic Warrior.

We are full time soldiers who are well fed, trained, and paid. My life is very structured and gets hard, but i will never retreat. When me and my fellow soldiers fight, our armor is strictly metal. We use solid strips of metal to plate our jackets. In many ways our armor is better then the celtic warrior gear because they use wood for shields versus a more solid stronger metal to protect the entire chest. We also wore a cloak draped in red and brown, forever live in rome. The soldiers in the army with me use two foot long swords accompanied by a shield make of metal and wood. With our metal and fur helmets strapped on and our shoes on our feet, we march onto triumph.

A typical roman fort is a very extravagant thing with many strenuous daily activities. A roman soldiers life is completely planned out. All around the fort is parade grounds for many activities such as marching drills and weapon training. Inside are commanders quarters which is a house where the commanders family and servants lived but only for the fall and winter, baths which is where the soldiers and people living in the fort would wash up and go to the bathroom, head quarters which officers of legion worked and where weapons were stored, barracks which is sleeping quarters that usually held 20 people one building that also had rooms for separate cooking and lounging. and last but not least the workshops where blacksmiths, butchers, carpenters, workers and roof makers worked

Even though my life is difficult and exhausting, it is also very rewarding. I'm a professional fighter who has no fear. Tomorrow we march to another battle. I shall hold my head up high and have pride in my heart because even if i die in battle, I'll forever live through Rome.
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