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Luge is a winter sport usually involving 1-2 people but only men can do the 2 person luge. The sport consists of a person/ persons on a fiberglass sled with metal runners. The person/ persons grab a handle and then push off and go down an ice track. They usually go about 100 miles per hour and they can experience about 7 gs, that's more than double what an astronaut feels at take off.

The track used for luge is a labyrinth you go into and it turns in to a big circle. Luge is very dangerous, at such high speeds danger is almost unavoidable. The athletes train 6 days a week for about four hours that does not seem long, but considering that each run is about 50 seconds it is quite a lot of time. So far this year one person has died while practicing for luge. Luger's train in the gym to they usually work on their neck and other basic muscles, but they also use high repetition exercises that involve high concentration.

The sport of luge, along with bobsled, started in the town of St. Moritz, Switzerland. It was originally a way for delivery boys to deliver food and other resources for a resort to get around but when the people in the resort saw how much fun they were having they asked the owner of the resort to create a recreational activity for the public. It was instantly a big hit the owner made so much money that he was able to build a new hotel and a track that is still there today. It is apparent that people have loved luge ever since. The people who do this sport are deeply connected to it because injury or even death is always a lingering opponent.

The results of the luge is, Germany in first with 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze. Next is Austria with 1 gold, and 1 silver. Then latvia, with 1 silver

By phjo

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