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Alpine Skiing/ Super Giant Slalom

Alpine skiing has been practiced in the European Alps for about
1500 years. Back in the old days, alpine skiers needed wider skis to go
down the downhill safely so that they wouldn't crash into something and
get ingured. This sport became wicked popular through the early 20th
century with the development of tows, ski lifts and T-bars, as the Alpine
skiers no longer had to climb up the slope before skiing down again. For
training, some of the Alpine skiers chose to be in one discipline over
another. The alpine skiers rely on their long hours of summer training to
build up their strong legs and abdominal muscles to help them maintain
and hold a fast agressive line.

Bode Miller is an alpine skier, he is the best skier in the world. He started
skiing when he was 3. In the last Olympics he didn't win any medals but
in the 2010 Olympics he won a lot of medals. He became third and won a
bronze medal. Svindal Aksel Lund from Norway won a silver medal and
Defago Didier from Switzerland won a gold medal in men's Alpine skiing
super giant slalom. In all, United states won 14 medals, Canada won 6
medals, Germany won 10 medals, France won 7 medals and China won 4
medals. So the U.S. won the most medals of this year.

Some of the skiing terms used in the Winter Olympics of this year are
Bindings- A mechanical device that locks a racers boot to their ski. Gates-
Poles on a ski that the racers turn around and navigate through as fast as
possible. Sidecut- A hourglass shape of the sides of the skis, where the
waist is narrower than the tail and the tip. About 75 years ago Alpine
skiing was practiced by a few hardy souls in a half dozen mountain
resorts in the European alps where the hotels and inns just begun to stay
open in the winter.
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