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Nader the great-

by NJ teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5
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Long time ago, there was a rude, horrible and selfish king named Minos. One day his people were tired of him so they kicked him out of the empire. Minos left the kingdom and made a monster called the Minotaur to torture his people.

The king locked the Minotaur in a huge maze. Every year seven young people had to enter the maze and got eaten by the Minotaur. Minos put that punishment on his people as a revenge for kicking him out of the empire. That did not last long until a smart, brave, courage and loyal man appeared named Thesius came with an enormous and amazing plan to save his people from the monster.

Thesius thought if he will be one of the seven people, he can enter the maze, face the Minotaur and try to kill him. Thesius ran to his father and told him about his powerful plan to get rid of the monster.

At first Thesius’s father did not accept that his son will face the minotaur but later on he realized that Thesius was strong enough to save his people from that blood thirsty beast.

The next day Thesius went with the other six people to the maze to accomplish his mission. Thesius tied a rope at the entrance of the maze in order to find his way out and went in. Thesius started to search for the Minotaur deep inside the maze. Suddenly, Thesius was face to face with the horrible beast. Directly, the brave man took out his sword and shot it into the Minotaur’s cold heart and chopped his head into two pieces.

Everybody in the village was very happy and proud of this loyal and brave man. From that day the people of the village decided that Thesius should be their king ever after and they lived happily and peacefully for the end of the time.
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Hi,my name is Nader. I like dogs . Please leave some comments.

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