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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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science: in science class we are doing posters on our assighned animals. my asssigned animal as the seychelles frog. onw of the smallest frogs in the world. the first step in making our poster is filing out a map that shows the area in africa were are animals are found in or were they were previously found in. after you are done with the map you make a food chain showing a picture of your animal showing what your animal eats, and what eats your animal. the third thing we have to put on our poster before we start is a labaled drawing of your animal. when we finish these we can get some colored paper to use a individual backgrounds for the once we finshed all of these things we can get started on our poster. we can do our boarder.


math: in math we are making  african design poster out of shapes that we made and put them in either a translation, rotation, reflection.

techedd: in techedd we are makeing m'bira's which is an african instrument. which is an african finger piano.

langauge arts: in langauge arts we are doing african folktales on animals we chose. 

social studies: in social studies we are assighned and do research on the country. and we also get 10,000 dollars to spend a month in africa but we can go over our budget given.

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