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Hello Readers,
I was just watching a video in technolgy about South Korea and how addicted to games they are. Their personality is shown through their amount of Internet Cafes and not by their home computers. Some kids spend all night at the Internet Cafes playing games, some even die because they don't get any food or water. Some people say this is a diease but psychiatrist are saying that it is just a serious addiction. The government is providing a camp that gets kids away from the computer for 2 weeks, and has low tech activities to rebuild their childhood. Kids that were at the top of the class are now falling to the back because they spend to much time playing video games. When kids are learning to write they also learn about computer manners. I think this is an important message for kids and adults, for kids you need to know the good and bad things about the computer and how to use it wisely, adults you need to know how to control what your kids are doing and how long they are doing it. I hope none of you guys get this far. I think this is a good video to watch because it shows what we shouldn't do when are technolgy advances.
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