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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by HRMA teacher: Rye 8th Team

Hi name is Marcus Pandodias, I am a Roman citizen and soldier.  I am 20 years old so you know I just began my service to the Roman Empire.  I am fully prepared and trained to work in this professional army.


I am a Roman soldier preparing to attack the Celts.  I am marching to my base to sleep in the barracks before the war tomorrow.  I can see the huge walls to the base so I know we are getting close.  I enter the gates that protect us. I went to the workshop to prep my armor and sword, they are both made up of heavy metal.  I sewed my red woolen tunic together, because I ripped it while I was walking here.  I need to repair it because it gets very cold at night, and I want to make sure that I can keep warm so that I get sleep and am ready to fight the Celtic warriors.


It is now time for me to check in with my commander at the headquarters, to see what time we have to leave.   I found out that we are leaving two hours before sunrise, so I know that I have to have my kit prepared and ready to go.  When I get back to the barracks, I will drop my heavy armor, that seems to be better protection than the Celts armor, ours is more curved and protects my body more.  My meal tonight will be snails.  After I eat, I will be going to bed; it is difficult to sleep in the barracks, because there are many other soldiers and we are very nervous about having to go into battle against the Celts.


The next day I will wake up, get up, go to the baths where I will wash up and see the commanders as they come out of the command quarters. I go back to the barracks to get dress for war. I put on my heavy body armour like my metal chess plate and metal helmet, which the Celts do not have.  I feel very prepared with my armour because we have the finest of any other countries. 


I am going out and I started to see the Celts.  While we are marching I see how poor their armour is.  It is hardly anything. The helmet is made from leather.  The only thing that can protect them in their shield.  They have a simple long weapon to defend them.  I think we will win the battle.  


I look at their fort from far away and it does not look advanced at all.  They only have simple buildings that don't look permanent. Their is no protection other than a small wall.  We are only a few more feel away from the Celts and we are starting to fight.  I will fight with my spear and my sword to defend and be victorious. 


In the end we had won the battle against the Celts.  It was bloody and hard to see some of my fellow soldiers die.  We took the Celts shields and other weapons and brought it back to our fort.  I am going to rebuild a city and live here for awhile until the next war. 
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