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Hello, I am Bamus Margerus. I am a great Roman warrior.  If you are reading this, then I am dead and all I can leave you is my story. My story begins in Rome when we were preparing to leave and to conquer Celtic villages.  Some Celtics were hostile while others were friendly.  We thought it would be simple, go in raid the houses and try not to shed too much blood, but we were wrong.

We had the advantage when it came to completely conquering one another because our forts were stronger and held up better.  But when it came to combat it was pretty equal.  While they had long swords we had spears and swords.  Most of the battle would have been done by land but some of the battle would have been fought on water.

Our plan was too travel and destroy any villages that would come in our way.  We did end up allying with some Celtic villages but others not so much.  Their bright and colorful clothing made them stand out from a lot of different things basically giving us a target.  We wore black jackets of metal plates which was helpful in combat.


We destroyed many armies of Celtic on our way.  It was very brutal.  Every second heads would fly and guts and blood would splatter on our four foot sword and the Celts body covering shield.  We would stab our swords into there stomachs and twist and pull it out so there guts would fall out why they would get on there knees gasping for air and slowly dieing. 

When my army and I finally made it to one of the main Celtic village,we thought that we had finished our journey but standing there was Arthur, another great warrior with his army.  We both signaled our armies to stop.  He wielded his long sword while I had my spear.  We ran at each other and our weapons clashed together.  We both had small daggers which we drew out and stabbed each other below the shoulder.  We screamed and both fell to the ground, but before my vision faded i saw him drop as well with blood of dark red drip down his back while our armies collided and then, slowly, my vision went black.


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