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The first sign of outsiders was the steady and repetitive "thud thud thud" of their boots stomping across our land. There were hundreds of them tightly aligned in disciplined squares and ranks, keeping their shape no matter what the terrain. They were the infamous Roman Army, and they have reached our corner of Scotland. The story you are about to read is a ballad of my adventures and travels as a Celtic warrior at the time of the Roman occupation. Our differences were tremendous, them with their organized formations, standard issue equipment, and elaborate barracks. And then there's us, with our rustic lifestyle, individual fighting tactics, and poorly made weapons and gear. Now I understand why many of us decided to ally with them...

    They are clearly more advanced and sophisticated than we are. They have mastered the art of organized warfare, whilst we are still using tactics such as, get to the battlefield, and run at the enemy screaming and shouting. Their ranks are swift and powerful, and they all move as if they were one. The front of the formations are impenetrable, 14 foot spears jutting out from a row of perfectly aligned metal shields. They all resemble each other, all the same uniforms with a chest plate,a blood red cloak and a bronze helmet. We are all forced to make our weapons and equipment individually, which makes some of us able to take more abuse than maybe the man next to us who made his gear poorly. They live in elaborate barracks which seem to be more sophisticated and luxurious than the villages we have spent years building, when they only take months to make these elaborate settlements. They have elaborate bathhouses with running water, heat, and artificial lighting. The barrier separating the Roman base and the rest of Scotland is close to 10 feet tall. We have little or no protection from the elements or attack besides our meager structures. Their wardrobe consists of brightly dyed robes and gowns, with shoes of strong leather, and jewelery of gold and gems. We also have gold and gem studded jewelery, theirs is so much more elaborate. Our clothes are basically cloth that has been fitted to us. The few encounters in trade and in battle have yielded much information, but this information also tells us that they are FAR superior to us in every way.

    The Romans seem to have the upper hand in battle, and in trade they always seem to have something new to offer. They are tactically, weaponologically, and strategically superior when it comes to warfare. In the field of lifestyle, they have running, heated water, exotic clothes and items, and are more socially sophisticated. We are more agriculturally stable, since we have known the land for generations. Although, I wonder how long it will take them to adapt to the climate here. It is much colder than Rome, and there are different plants and game. They will probably be quick considering they have adapted to everything almost instantly, I fear soon they will have no need for us. Only time will tell, but it is time now to carry on with daily life as a Celt, not a "sophisticated" or "advanced" Roman, for they have every luxury we don't.

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