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1st Person Account of what it’s like between a Roman and a Caledonian



  Hi, my name is Octavius; I’m going to tell you about us Romans compared to the Caledonians. There are a lot of things imp going to tell you about us Romans and the Caledonians. First thing I’m going to compare us Romans to the Caledonians is that we are in my perspective is that we are much better armored than they are.

 The spear ( the pilium) had a 10 inch point and was made out of soft iron, We could throw the spear over 30 meters into the enemy another thing is that when you threw it and it hit the enemies shield it would bend and the enemy couldn’t throw it back at us. The Caledonians on the other hand had spears that had a hard jagged tip that when they hit you they left a bad wound and if you tried to pull it out it would create another wound. Us Romans had a leather tunic under a metal Breast plate called body armor ( the lorica)  witch had metal plates land over each other and they were hinged on the back so that they fit easily over our body. The Caledonians had bright woolen tunics died in bright colors, sometimes they wore undergarments but only the very rich of the Caledonians wore those. We Romans had a helmet (Cassis) made of bronze lined with fur and it had cheek guards. The Caledonians wore simple helmets made of leather with metal; some poorer Caledonians had just leather helmets. I use a shield (scutum) made of strips of wood pressed together and then glued with boiled cattle skins. The shield is usually 4 foot long and protected my legs. (That’s why I don’t have shin guards.) The Caledonians used full body shields they were made of wood and then covered in leather, they probably took our weapons and used them in battle = (. Another thing we Romans had was boots made of cowhide and were open-toed sandals in a way with leather souls, the boots (caligea) we had over 130 nails and since we were marching everywhere, we had to pretty much repair them every night. The Caledonians wore leather warm boots since they lived in cold damp areas. We also had a sword ( gladius) that was 2 foot long double bladed edge with a bone handle for a better grip , the legions were taught to jab and stab instead of slashing and cutting. The Caledonians had a long sword used for cutting and slashing. Some things the Caledonians did not have and we did was a cloak and a kit bag. The (sagum) cloak was made of a wool, we kept the natural oils in it to make it as waterproof as possible and we used it to keep warm at times. The kit bag we had been sometimes weighed as much as 60 pounds and had all of my food for 3 days plus a pick axe and a bunch of other things used for building.


Our Forts and their villages are very different from each other first of all we had a bath house ( balnea) were we had a furnace under the bathhouse and that heated the floor which was made of stone and then that heated the pools to make them warm. There were different rooms for different temperatures the really hot rooms for the really hot baths and, then there were the mild room with mild temperatures and, then there was a frigid room where it was a cold bath. The Barracks ( centuriae) in the Roman forts were I lived were usually 50 meters long and 10 meters wide with 20 rooms too each block fitting 4 beds to a room. The commander’s house usually had its own Bath house and heating and his own garden. Headquarters (principia) in the Roman forts is where all the officers and the general and his legion commanders met for meetings. There were three main workshops the first one had the butchers and the huntsmen kept fresh meat for the whole legion the other workshop was where blacksmith and craftsmen work and create the legions weapons. The third workshop is for all the craftsmen and tile workers who repair the Forts roof s bathhouses and more. The Caledonians are very different from us they had round houses with steal peaked roofs was held up by a wooden frame. Their workshops had bellows and hammers to melt and forge iron ore for their weapons. The village they lived in usually was on a manmade island in the middle of a manmade moat, the way you would reach them is to go throw an underwater pathway called a stone causeway or they were reached by a log boat.



That is what it is like between the Romans lifestyle and the Caledonians lifestyle from the roman bathhouses to Caledonian village in the middle of a loch.


    From your Roman friend,





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