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by teacher: Rye Alumni
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My name is Macro, as we march into Scotland some of the Celtics were peaceful and some of the people were military. As a Roman soldier I entered this military force when I was twenty. I hate how the barbaric Celts live in little huts, they have no armor, circle shields, unlike ours that are square with curves at the end to protect us from being hit from the side. We both do wear helmets for protection, but our Roman helmets protect necks better because it is curved on the bottom almost like a visor. on the back of the helmet. We wear sandals made of hard leather and the souls have iron on the soles to last longer. They only wear bright color clothes why we wear heavy metal breastplate for armor that had metal plats over each other so it protects even more. So that why they are barbarian there not civilized people.

As we saw some Celtic villages they have no baths , all they have are houses and a workshop. We have barracks those are our houses. A work shop, head quarters building, a commanders quarters, bathes. We have walls around our buildings. have four places were we can come in. we have trenchers around the walls for protection. We are so much more civilized then the Celtic we keep clean while they roll in there own dirt. my leader Julius Caesar he is a strong leader and smart. I'm a part of the legionnaire. There are up to 5000 people.

As we captured the land of the Gaul and now we are making our villages in Gaul going to rest down for the rest of the life. Get a wife maybe have a couple of kids and settle down.

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