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Romans in Scotland
I am a soldier in the roman army. We have all types of weapons and clothing that we have to wear. Last week we captured the Celts at the land above us. We are both very diverse, and do things differently. We have different clothes, weapons, and ways of life. We are so diverse that it is easy to compare us, here I’ll show you.

In the Roman army, we have short swords, or gladius’s that are easy to transport and are strictly used for stabbing and thrusting. Of course, the Celts are completely different. They have long swords that are used for cutting and slashing and they are hard to run with. We also have different protection gear. Here in Rome, we like to have good armor, including a breast plate (lorica), and a shield. The Celts have a shield too, but is has a different composition and they do not have any armor. These are only some of the things that are different, but they are the most important.

There are some things that are relatively the same about us and the Celts though, for example; our clothing. Both us and the Celts wear woolen shirts pants, or capes, only the Celts dye them bright colors. We also both have swords, helmets, and shoes, even though our shoes are more surpassing.

It has been a couple of months since we captured the Celts now, and they are getting more and more similar to us by the minute. Some of them are even joining into our way of life. Personally, before we conquered them, I think they were not civilized at all. Well, that is all I know, we are both very diverse, and the same in different ways, and it is interesting to see, and learn how interesting we all are.
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