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Hello my name Servius. I was a Celtic Soldier. I served for the Celtics for three years. Normally you serve for twenty years but when I lost my leg they let me retire. I've been retired for four years now. I still have my uniform. I remember when we had a big war against the Romans. I think I'll tell you about it.

One day I was at my house when we were informed that the Romans were invading. We all got ready and quickly headed off. We met the Romans on a flat plain. Boy did they look tough. Their uniforms were so different from ours. They had a spear and a helmet. They also had a sword, a dagger, a shield, and body armor. They wore a cloak over the armor and had a kit bag. I was so nervous. They had three weapons. All I had was a sword and spear. One thing that I was happy about was that my spear had three spear points to it. The Romans only had one. But they had body armor. How would we be able to kill them if we couldn't get through the armor? I thought. One day I was sent to go spy on their fort. I hid in a tree and watched them. Their fort was so nice. They had two workshops, and six barracks. They also had a head quarters. Then there was this big wall and behind that were a bath house and the Commander's Quarters. They looked like they were so comfortable in their fort. I wished I was a Roman. I saw a butcher outside of one of the workshops so I figured that that was where they get their meat. Then I saw two huntsmen walk into that same workshop caring some sort of meat so I knew that was where they kept their meat. In the other one I found out that it was a blacksmith fort because I kept seeing soldiers walk in with swords and walk out swinging them around like they were brand new. I thought about my fort and boy was it different. We didn't have fancy bath houses or Commander's Quarters. All we had was some workshops and houses. The houses weren't much either. They had two floors. The bottom floor kept animals and we slept and ate on the second floor. I workshops did have blacksmiths but sadly we didn't have butchers to cut up the meat all fancy. Our Blacksmiths did have furnaces though and we had bellows to blow air no the fires. I wondered if they had bellows. Surely they would have furnaces. Suddenly I heard yelling and noticed that they saw me. I quickly ran away. This quickly led to more fighting against the Romans. The next day we managed to get into their fort we fought there for a while. They ran back and hid behind the wall where the Commander's Quarters were and the bath house. All we had to do was take over that area of their fort. Then it would be easier to fight them. But they got stronger and eventually we drew back and they got their fort back. But it wasn't over yet we still had a lot of fighting left to do, and they weren't giving up. About three years later the war was still going on. I was still fighting. One day when I was fighting someone cut my leg very badly. But he didn't kill me. He died before he could. So I just laid on the ground. I started dragging myself back to the fort, hoping that nobody would see me. When I eventually got myself back to the fort they didn't know what to do. They didn't have to medicine to help me. So we just decided to cut it off and stitch it closed. After that they said that I really couldn't fight anymore so they let me go home.

The war is still going on now. I don't know what has happened but hopefully we are in good condition. I would hate to lose this war against the Romans. They're so fierce they'd probably make us slaves and I'd be a bad slave since I only have one good leg. Well that’s my story about our war against the Romans.

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