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Class of 2012-2013

The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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I am Betto, a brave Roman warrior. I fight in victories all across Europe, conquering empires every where I go with my fellow soldiers. Its rough life, and the winters are cold. Luckily, my men and I are well equipped. With our thick armor and our strong boots, we are unstoppable. As we tear through the battle field, fear is no object. The last war we won, was the war the Celtics.


    My armor is very important when I am fighting in a war. The most important part of my armor (lortica) set is the breastplate along with my helmet. My breastplate is worn over my leather jacket, and my helmet (cassis) is made of bronze or iron and lined with cloth. I also carry a shield (scutum) made of wood that measures 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, long enough to cover and protect my legs. The weapons I carry are very important to my fighting abilities. My weapons include a spear and a sword. The spears (pilums) my fellow soldiers and I carry has a leaf shaped head and the head of it measures around 10 inches, not including the wooden base. Our swords (gladuis) are 2 feet long with a blade 2 inches wide with a handle of bone. Luckily, our army has wonderful boots (caligae). This is a very large advantage because many times we're fighting on rough terrain. Its also good to have them in the winter, because the cold ground stings our feet very much. Another thing that is helpful in the cold is the cloaks we wear. My cloak (sagum) is a thick wool to keep me warm all night long. We have a lot of luggage to carry. This includes equipment to built tents, make food, and other items to help me and my fellow troops survive. We carry these in a Kit Bag (saccus). This is made of leather and can carry the 60 pound we have to lug around.


    The Celtic army however, uses the unnecessary, like a torc around their neck, or paint on their faces. Their torcs were made of gold to show off their gold work. Their sandals are made of thin leather, unlike our boots that help us through all terrain and weather, their feet are easily stabbed and slit or stepped on. Although their shield covers their entire body and is made of fine wood, then covered with leather. This is very effective and seem to protect them rather well. I can also give them partial credit for their weapons. Their swords were long and were used for their methods of slashing, or cutting. and their spears were long with a spiral head to make unbelievably deep marks in our men. I will admit that their weapons were more advanced, but i can't imagine how long it took to think of their lay out. Their helmets are rather large, and they arent half as nice as our hats. The Celts were very unsuccessful in war with us Romans, one reason is their lack of armor. they wore heavy clothing to protect their flesh, but our iron set of armor is no match for their spears or swords, and their clothing is easily defeated by our strong spears.


    I am walking up the trail, and my kit bag seems surprisingly light. My sword is fastened to my belt and with my spear in my right hand, I march on bravely to our next battle, which will become a victory, to become a new Roman city. The thrill this over coming me as we get closer, and closer to the next battle. I have no fear. We will win this victory, weather I live or not.







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