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Class of 2012-2013

The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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    Hello my name Brodie Peterson and most people call me Sir Peterson. I am a 21-year old Caledonian warrior that has a wife and three kids. My large family has some huts in the Caledonian village of Dochgarros, at the top of the Caledonian canal. The males in my family have all been a part of the military while the women have a background of hardwork at home for when men came home. My little brothers who are not old enough to be in the military make blacksmith tools. Right next to our village there was a nice stream of fresh water that supplied our family very well. Timber was a useful supply to build our villages. Each village had forests usually in the outskirts, if you follow the river you will find the timber supply. I have just got word from General Anderson that the Romans are in our territory, which some are villages of friends. 


    So yes, General Anderson came into every soldiers village and wanted us to come to the fort to get some new weapons. I had to pack my bags quick and go to the fort right next to the border. I packed some uniforms along with some weapons and I was on my way with the General. My brother John had been coming along with us for his first time. He had been waiting to get out there along he was nervous. Our wives had been preparing us freshly cooked meals for us these last couple of days. Our sons have been making weapons and tools for battle. Romans would use these tools to copy invented weapons of their enemies. Our general is telling us to be ready for a new weapon they have brought to test. 


    We had a furnace or a fire to burn up these blacksmith tools. The romans used a furnace to heat up their baths and saunas. The women in Caledonia were responsible for sewing and weaving clothing for men and everybody. When the romans came in they had to know how to repair their own clothes. Other than water my family drank a lot of ale. It is grown a lot in our farm. Children take part in drinking this beverage also. Romans drank a lot of wine in their camps, amphora's were used for storing this wine. When we had got to the base of the fort we were brought to practice with weapons. We had used a lot of spears used for slahing and cutting through enemies skin. With the romans metal plate armour we need this extra damage on enemies. Protecting our own bodies we used a shield that was long enough to to block our whole bodies. General Anderson told us to shave upand get dressed in uniform for battle. He also said we weren't allowed to shave again until we had killed someone.


    I was just about to go into battle when I had got word that romans had been back in Dochgarros near our village. I didn't know if they were ok or not but all I wanted to do is get back and help them. I went out and we were following along a river until we had seen enemy base we made camp away from them and was waiting for the time to attack. Me and my brother really wanted to sneak out and get back to Dochgarros. I wanted to go back and I couldn't I had to stand up for Caledonia.



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