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by LHDR teacher: Rye 8th Team

Hello, my name is Glutious, and I am a soldier in the Druidic tribe of Caledonia. I have just returned from my second day of battling the evil Roman empire for reasons I am not even aware of. All I remember is that I awoke one day to find our chief commanding us to grab our spears, and shields, put on our helmets, and head right in to battle! I knew immediately that we weren't fighting against another Celtic tribe, these warriors were different. They were clean-shaven, what brats In addition to their spear, they had a short-sword strapped to their belt, much shorter than my own 4-foot claymore. Our shields could block most blows, as they covered our whole body, but their breastplates could block what their smaller shields couldn't. These men, as much as I hate to say it, are quite elite.

I have returned from my third day of combat, and I had the opportunity to see and destroy a Roman fort, as well as almost perish in it. THese Romans have a much more sissyish and posh lifestyle, it is disgusting. They have massive walls around their fort, and even around those walls they had big, deep ditches to protect the village outside the fort. We burned it, haha! It took many hours of hard work to break through to the inner fort, and we lost many men due to the archers and sling-shotters above. I had never seen such thing before. As we began to charge through the fort, swing our claymores at any sign of movement, my full-body shield picked up a very long javelin. I reached around my shield to try to hurl it back, but i realized that its head was destroyed upon impact, much different from our much more durable, reusable spears.
The siege continued, and both Scotch and Romans were falling, but i soon began t orealize something, where do these Romans live? I found only one large, well fortified house, and a bunch of other exotic looking buildings, one of which seemed to have been flooded with water. If only I could find their homes, and burn the wretched things, they would have to retreat! I think I musts tell Chief of this plan, for we are entering our 4th day of battle at dawn, and we are losing numbers rapidely. I hope I am not the next to fall...
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