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by teacher: Rye Alumni

I am a Celtic warrior. My name is Teave. I have been trying to defeat the Romans, along with my army for so long now. We do not have spears like the Roman warriors have, so we use long stick-like weapons for slashing and cutting. I am a rival with Rome, I do not like them, and they do not like me. Sometimes though, some of the people in my village want to get on with the Romans, and make peice with them. But, others want to take over Rome. We know that we will not dominate the Romans, or even take their land, but we still fight. We wish that things will change and we will fight for honor and victory. I live in the village. The village lays in the middle of a circular gate. The village can hold up to around 500 houses. Some houses have Carnyx's on the top of the doorway. A Carnyx is a sculpture made of bronze, it is usually in the shape of a wild creature. In the center of the village, there is a fire pit. The fire pit is used to melt iron and make armour and weapons. Usually, older and wiser people would stand by the fire and tell stories to the younger people. In the village is also a grain pit. The grain pits are basically under ground places where we can store stuff. Another part of my clothing is a torc. A torc is a piece of jewelry, made out of copper and bronze. Our helmets are put on the top of our heads and are made with leather and metal, to protect our skulls from getting damaged.


We also use small stones to sling at the Roman warriors. We hold tall shields in our hands, that we use to deflect spears that get thrown at us. We steel a lot of weapons from other soldiers, to use against them. Our boots are made of leather, and the Romans boots are made of thick material, for safety. The Roman Armour is more advanced than our armour. Their body armour is called Lorica, which is one of their most important piece of armour they have. They throw spears at us during battles. Their spears are also called Pilum, or Hasta. Their Pilums have a 10 inch long point at the top that is made of iron. The Romans throw them about 90 feet away from them, and try to hit their target. They where Cassis's on the top of their heads. It is a helmet, that is lined with fur. The helmet protects their skull's from getting damaged. They hold up a Scutum, or a shield in their hand's. Their Scutums are made of wood. They used Scutums for protection, and so they would not get stabbed or hit by rocks that we throw at them. They carry a Saccus in their other hand, which is also called a kit bag. The Saccus carries a supply of food and tools to keep them safe for about three days while they travel. The Saccus carries 27 kilos, or 60 pounds.


The Romans live a bit differently from us. The Romans lived in between four walls, about ten feet high, made of terf. The walls are also called Vallums. The entry to the village is by the gates, or Portae. There are four gates in total, one on each wall. The gates are made of wood, and have a tower over the top of it, for gaurds to watch the people enter. Right infront of the walls are Fossae, or ditches. Any intruder who tried to sneek in would fall into the ditches, and get injured. Around the walls are distant slabs, or Miliariums. Miliariums are stones that are put up onto walls to record what events they do. In the village, there is the Balneae (the bath house,) the comanders house (Praetorium,) the workshops (Fabricae,) the head quarters (Principia,) and the Barracks which are also called Centuriae. The Centuriae is where the people sleep. The Romans are a bit different from us, the Celtics. But, we have some similarities.
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