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by teacher: Rye Alumni

Romans in Scotland Essay

Hello my name is Brookeius Mattheius and i am the wife of a roman soldier. I am going to be telling you about the Lifestyle in a Roman fort and what they wear, and also what the Caledonians wear and their lifestyle. My husband has been sending me letters about all of these customs they have to get used too. And hes says that there'a a big differnece between the Roman fort and the Caledonian village so I will also tell you about these differences, they are very interesting.

First let's talk about my husband and all of the roman soldiers and their fort and what they wear in battle. A Roman fort usually has a Commanders House which is where the commander lives with his family, it is built around a courtyard and has its own baths, kitchens, and underground heating. There are also Baths where they take hot and cold showers and some even sweat in saunas. There are also the Barracks where my husband and the soldiers live. He said there are 20 rooms in a block with 4 men and there is also a common room where they play games and keep all of their belongings. The craftsmen, blacksmiths, and butchers need a place too and this place is the workshops. In the workshops they keep fresh meat, weapons and armour. They also have carpenters and plumbers who build tents buildings and bags. Then there is the main building the head quarters where he said him and the others had to say an oath to the emperor who makes speeches and punishments. But the fort isnt the only thing about the roman soldiers its also their uniforms. They wear metal armour to protect their chest, and a warm waterproof cloak to put over it. They also wear helmets made out of bronze and iron. Their weapons are 2 spears with a long iron point that when thrown would bend and not be able to be thrown back. They have a great offensive weapons but they also have great defensive weapons like the 4 ft. sheild made of wood and iron, and their thick leather shoes that help them get over tough terrain. But their belongings are kept in a kit bag which carries their equipment, food and building tools. Well this is what the roman soldiers wore and where they stay now let's see what the Caledonians wear and where they live.

Now let's talk about the Caledonian Village and what they wear for uniforms. The Caledonion Village is made up of houses, workshops, and herds of animals. The houses are round with peaked roofs, they have 2 floors where they cook, sleep, weave cloth, and tell stories about old and wise Caledonians. In the workshops they made tools out of metal that they would stick in a hot stove and then hammer out a mold. They made this molded metal into armour, helmets, and weapons. The herds of animals live outside of the village and are used mostly for food like goats, cows, pigs, and venison. But they also used the animal's bones and skin for things like building tools and leather. This is the Caledonian Village but that's only half they also wear a completely different uniform then the romans. Unlike the romans the Caledonians wear colorful woolen clothes insead of metal armour. My husband said they also wear a torc which was a copper necklace usually in a shape of a snake. He also said they have different shaped spears that were much longer and had sharp pointed tips like teeth that made a deep wound when it cut into one of his fellow roman soldiers. But like the romans they have big shields that protected not just their legs but their whole body and they are made out of leathercovered wood. He aslo said they would have designs of wild beasts on them.

Well as you can see the Roman forts and uniforms and the Caledonian Villages and uniforms are very different in style. From shorter spears that bend, to longer ones with spikes and smaller tougher shields to big mighty beasts, the Caledonians and the Romans are definately different people but have the same strengths and powers of a good civilization and culture.
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