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by SJCA teacher: Rye 8th Team

My name is Travacis Pastranacis I am a Roman soldier in Scotland. In this document I will be talking to you about my experience in Scotland when I was younger. I'm going to talk about the Roman Barracks, the Roman soldier, Celtic soldier and, the Celtic village. The Roman's captured Gaul(France) then are army tried to capture the Celtic people in Scotland.This country was cold, the Roman's never captured Scotland because the harsh weather was hard on the soldiers.

    The soldiers in the two armies are totally different, one army is full of highly trained soldiers, the other army was full of barbaric men that have weapons that scare people more than hurt them. The Roman soldier had specially designed armer so he could not get hit in his weak spots there for making the Roman soldier unstoppable, but some how the Celtic's held the territory of Scotland. The Celtic soldier had no armer except a crummy helmet and a shield. The Celtic soldier also has a short sword and a spear like the Roman soldier, but the Roman soldier had higher quality weapons. Some how the Celtic soldier fought off the Roman's and saved they're country.

    Now we're talking about the shelter each of the civilizations use. Again Rome really out did The Celtic's. The Roman barracks had a door at the south, west,North and, East and two half's so if the barracks is attacked they only have to defend half of it. The barracks was not very comfortable believe me, but the bath housing was very great. Now the Celtic village is really junky compared to the Roman barracks. The Celtic village was a couple of huts and was as high-tech as Rome nine hundred years ago. The village had a wood picket like fence around it with their animals around it. the to living "areas" are totally different even though the Romans are building temporary barracks.

    As you see us Romans are much better then those barbaric Celtic's. Are soldiers are trained and disciplined. They're soldiers are just crazy and lucky to live. Are barracks have baths and toilets and wiping utensil's. They're villages have rivers and for wiping utensil's they had they're hands, ugh disgusting. As you the Celtic's way of life is far in-superior compared to us Roman's.

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