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by MSMA teacher: Rye 8th Team
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Hello, my name is Alicus. Once a long time ago I was a Roman soldier that fought in many wars. The war that I remember most is the war between the Celts and us Romans. Both of the two groups had many different and similar
advantages and disadvantages. For example we both had helmets, shields, and some sort of weapon. This war was a very important part of its time.
Being a Roman Legionary we had quite a few things to wear for the way we had to dress, as well as the Celts. We wore a helmet, or as we called it called it Cassis. It was a bronze helmet with a very strong skull of cap iron underneath, with hinged cheek guards. Underneath there armour they wore a woolen cloak or, Sagum, which was worn for the comfort of the legionaries. Above the cloak rested the armour or Lorica. The armour consisted of a breastplate which protected the chest and back. We carried a shield or Scutum made from strips of wood, they were four feet long and three feet wide. The shields also protected our legs, therefore shin guards were unnecessary. We were lucky enough to have boots or caligae as well. They were made of cowhide and had a 2 centimeter thick sole. We had to check or repair their boots every night. Two weapons were necessary. One of the weapons was a sword, or gladius/spartha. The sword was two feet long used for slashing. The second weapon was a spear, or pilum/hasta. Two of them were carried, and once they stuck in to the enemy it bent and could no longer be used to throw back. This spear could also kill an enemy ninety feet away. One final thing that we carried with us was a kit bag, or saccus which was used to carry any equipment needed. Also our own food was carried in the kit bags. As you can see the us Roman legionaries had many things to wear for war.
The Celtic warrior dresses in a similar way that the legionaries did. The Celts wore a helmet made of metal and leather, and some poor soldiers only wore a leather skull cap. For clothing the Celts wore bright and colorful clothes, like tunics dyed in colors. The Celts also had a long shield that protected the whole body. The Celts also were lucky enough like us to have shoes, which were boots made of leather. Also the Celts painted their faces with unusual designs and bright colors, but no one is certain why. Finally the Celts had two weapons. One of the weapons was a long sword used for slashing and cutting. The last weapon they had was a spear. The Celts had many things in common and not in common with us, the Romans.
In conclusion the war between the Roman legionaries and the Celtic warriors was a big part in the history of its time. The way that we dressed and the way that the Celts dressed, were similar in many ways, but it was also quite different as well. The Romans and the Celts were very similar.

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