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Roman Soldiers and Caledonian Warriors

Hello there, I am a Roman soldier I fight for the Roman army. Many years ago I lived with my family in Rome. My father was in charge of the household, he planned all my siblings marriages. My siblings and I went to school until we were 12. The rich boys continued their education until they were 15, and the rich Roman girls got special private lessons at home. When we were growing up we had no team sports but we had public games that were held by the government. These games included chariot racing, gladitorial games and circuses. It was awful seeing the people and animals die while playing the public sports.

Being a Roman soldier is not easy. We had to wear all kinds of armor and equipment, such as a sheild, helmet, tunic, boots, and swords to help us fight against the other armies. Some of the other armies such as the Caledonian warriors wore really heavy equipment also. They wore things like a torc, helmet, shoes, weapon and a shield to protect themselves from us. Fighting was not easy for us, but most of the time we won because we had such a well equipt and strong army.

As a soldier i stayed in a Roman soldier fort, this protected us from any enemies. There were five different locations for us to go into. They were the barracks where we slept, commanders quarters where the ruler stayed, bath houses, workshops where we made lots of different tools for fighting and the main head quarters. Out fort was surrounded by gates and fences and next to that was the parade ground where all of our parades took place in. The caledonian warriors stayed in their village which was made up of houses, and workshops. This was not well as ours, which means that they were not as wealthy as our Roman soldiers.

As you can see the Roman army that I was in was very good. We were good because were well equiped, wealthy, and the other armiers were not as wealthy, well equiped, or as good at fighting as we were. I enjoyed being a Roman soldier because I got to experience a lot of things that I normally would not have been able to. I really like growing up as a Roman boy and going to school. Education taught me a lot so that I could have a family of my own.

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