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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.

by ISMA teacher: Rye 8th Team
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I am a Caledonian solider i live in a very small mountain village. I Live in a thatched roof house. My house is right next door to the workshop. As i walk out of my small house, i say good bye to my wife and family and set out to meet the rest of our army for our big battle with the Romans we hope we will win but no doubt the Romans might just be too strong for us.

Our army's plan is to attack to the Romans at one of their nearby camps. While they worked in their workshops, bathed in their bath houses with hot water , toilets and drains. And while they relaxed we would try to do a surprise attack. But it was too late. were marching to the camp to attack but they were already coming to attack us. My men and I all started to worry because all our plans have changed immediately, we had to fight at once. As we approach the Romans on the battle field I was frighted by the there sharp spears with the 10 inch long points, their strong protective armor, their big 4 foot long iron shields. Our helmets were only leather and their helmets were iron so much more protective then ours. My weapons were primitive and my shield wooden. Our army is not nearly as strong as the Romans wealthy fierce worriers.

The Romans started to charge at us and throwing their spears that when they hit one of our shields the point would bent and wasn't able to be thrown accurately again. Many of our men were being stabbed by sharp pointed Roman swords. All of us had no choice but to defend our selves and our land. This battle was intense and i knew it would be a bloody one.

After a long fight it was clear that the Romans were just too strong and better equipped and our leaders and commanders gave up and we retreated. It was difficult to go home to all of our small mountain villages. All though both army's had workshops and the desire to defend there land the wealthy Roman empire was the best. Not winning the battle made us feel defeated but it was good to being going home alive. It was good knowing that we wouldn't have to fight the undefeated Roman army again because now all of the Caledonians were under the power of the Roman empire. When all the soldiers got home their families were very happy to see and welcome them home even know they didn't win.
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