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The Barbarians

Day 1: This is my first entry in my new book that Ma sent to me. I'm so excited to start! My name is Pygarin, and I'm on the invasion group for Britannia. The trip will take a couple weeks depending on weather and how fast we move. When we get there it should be exhausting, but we are here, and we rest for today, and then we go north to meet the barbarians/ inhabitants of britannia.


Day 2: We are just about to head out, it's a three day march but at least we are all well rested.


Day 14: We arrive  at this place which is very  weird, there is fog half the year and everything is wet and or rusted. Our commander tells us to dry and clean our armour everyday so it does not rust. Today was great, we were able to rest and relax all day but we all know it is short lived because we are heading out tomorrow.


Day 20: We see the first village. It is so different than what we are used to. It is small, dark and there are just huts no real buildings like we used to see in Rome. The people are savages, their kids play in the dirt when we used to play with toys, their bread has small rocks in it because they leave the dough on the ground. I could not imagine living in these kinds of situations. We set our tent that will provide temporary shelter,while we build our permanent building. At last it is done, we can relax until ordered to invade but who knows how long that will take.


Day 30: We get orders to invade the village that we are close to so we march, the Celts see us coming and get ready even though they are out marched and out skilled, they are brave, they fight with heart and soul I cannot say that about our people, in that battle I gained a new respect for the Celts, and even though I would not admit it I, lost a little respect for our army.


Day 31: We were made to make a wall that divided the north and south Britannia.  It was difficult to build the wall, and I am wondering if the Celts ever had to do the laboring that we Roman soldiers need to do.


Day 62: We are done  with the wall it took awhile but it is done and we had help from the other forts.  We are fortunate that the Roman soldiers work together, we have great unity, and my guess is that the Celtic soldiers are not as unified as we are.


Day 400: We are ordered to leave, I do not know why, but we are paid to listen to orders, not to ask questions, but one thing, for some reason I cant find my other sandal, I guess I will never know what happened to it. On our way back we stopped  at a small town, while the rest of the soldiers rested for the day, I went to the market to get my daughter a gift. I got her a small doll that iIthought she would very much like. This is my last entry forever for there is no more room on the pages.  All I can say is that the Celts  were not what I expected,they were a nice people and I wish to see them again,  now that I am done fighting them.


my last entry Pygarin


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