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Roman Soldier - Name: Romulus Nestongos TJJO!! 2/16/10
My name is Romulus Nestongos, and this is my story of my first battle with the Celtic people. When I came of age, 20, to join the Roman army, I was ecstatic. Ever since I was a small boy I had always wanted this. But now that I am in the army, training, and working I'm beginning to think again. I know that I should be honored to be here, but this just isn't my life.
I'm set to leave in a week, to trample over the Celts. My commander says that they're animal like, that they are very uncivilized because they don't have cities but tacky villages with no roads and that they wear animals on their backs. Although there are good things about this situation. I have all of the supplies that I need, for example, we are stocked with weapons, a kit bag, in which I store all of my food and utilities, armor and a cloak. Our training is a disciplined process, we must learn many battle forms, such as the one that was used in one of the Punic wars in my father's time. I've also wondered if the Celts has this sort of disciplined organization.
It in now time for me to take my leave for Ireland. I've been away from Rome for 3 months now, and I dearly miss my family. I have been walking all my way, and I must check my shoes every night before I sleep because the hundreds of nails in the leather always fall out. The nights are cold too, but luckily I still have my warm cloak in good shape. We've seen signs that the Celts had been here. There are fire pits and left over wood piles, I am surprised that they haven't disposed of it so that we can't live on the land. My barrack is very crowded, I have all of the largest soldiers in my room. We have just gotten our supply of sewing bobbins, mixing bowls, dormice, and cooking pots. I am very grateful for this because I have discovered a large hole in my tunic. I think the dormice have gotten to it.
Tomorrow is our first battle with the Celts, I am afraid, but must hide it for it would be disgraceful to my family. All of my supplies and weapons are gathered and ready. I must take a trip to the baths before, for I feel strangely dirty. It is the day now, and I am ready. My first impression on the misfortune of the Celtic village was that it was dirty and the stench compared to our Roman forts. We were told to take the women and kill the boys, I think of it as cruel, but others say it is this way that we show them that we are here, and we "mean business". I noticed the weaving loom and cauldron in one of the village houses as my fellow legionaries and I tare it down underneath the screams of the people. The warriors looked liked like bears, they as well frighted me. I have killed two men already, all by mistake. I have wished not to kill, for it leaves a guiltiness on my shoulders. The animals I do not mind as much killing, so my commander as sent me to the disposal of them. Their cries are heart piercing, but I try to push it out on my head.
Finally the battle of done with, and we have lost ten men. and have seven wounded. I was attending one of them when one on the Celts, hiding from underneath the rubble came up and stuck me with his seemingly huge fist, leaving a large welt in my back, jaw, and shoulder. To my fortune, he was killed by one of the legionaries before he could do any more damage. We have started to begin to build a city in the remains of the village. It has been a year and a half since I have been home. My injuries have healed and presently I am working on building a house in the new city called Rome, it is going to be another replica of the mother city Rome. And this is the house that I'm going to accept for my pay, I will then plan to sell it, and make my way back to my Rome.
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