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My name is Roccus, I am a Roman warrior. Unlike the Celtic warriors, I am better protected for fighting. My shield protects my entire upper body,and it is curved so it fights around my body, the Celtic warrior shields are much smaller. My helmet is much better than those of the barbaric Celts that we fight. My helmet is made from strong metal, so it deflects the blow of a sword; and although the sword hits might chip away at the helmet, the helmet will still save our lives. The armor is very strong, it protects my shoulder and stomach from jabs of the sword or a spear. It doesn't totally protect me from the spear, but it has protected me in most battles.

Even though it can get cold at night, I have a red tunic that keeps me warm because it is made of wool, and in the winter it especially keeps me warm. They are lightweight, so I with all the other equipment I have on, the tunic doesn't make me tired. I can go to different types of climates and terrains, like a snowy mountain, especially if I keep on moving, because I will stay warm, especially if I keep on moving.

My favorite piece of my outfit are the sandals, because they are strong and made from leather; I think we have much better foot protection than the Celts. There are iron hobnails in the soles to make them last longer, so I don't have to worry about changing my shoes each time I am in a battle. We use the shoes all year round, so they are good in any type of weather.

The most difficult thing for me is joining the army at the age of twenty. I feel proud to be in the Roman Army, and have only fought one battle, but I also feel like I was too young to leave home; it was tough to leave my family, I really wanted to settle down a bit. Now, we are constantly moving, conquering different places, so I never feel like I am at home anywhere I go.
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