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January 26, 2010

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cheong:

I would like to ask you for $7 to buy a tree. But I would like to earn them by working for them for seven days; The work will be either washing the dishes or making my own bed. I know if work for you, in your mind you would be thinking that “did that boy eat something wrong?”

But no, I have no choice, since it’s my homework. On February the 5th, we will be buying and planting pine trees in the mountains. There are several reasons why I need to buy and plant trees.

My first reason is if I plant a tree it will make a forest and then it will provide a habitat for animal. For example, birds and insects. Bird will make an ecosystem by eating their prey. Also insect have a roll for ecosystem. Spider eats bad insects, like mosquitoes and flies. This will make a ecosystem.

On top of that it’ll be good for a environment. When it’s autumn, leaves will fall down and after long time passed leaves will fertilize the soil. Also it’ll make clean air and decrease CO2 which is the main cause to global warming. So it’ll stop global warming.
Finally it’s about our Earth’s beauty, Forest will increase our greens. Our future generation will be thankful and will be proud of us for providing a shadow to rest and sound of waving tree to calm down.

Thank you for reading this letter carefully. I guarantee you that are you approve this letter something good will happen to you and me. Thank you again for reading this letter.

Sincerely yours,

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