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This class is for high school students at Winnebago Lutheran Academy who want to learn how to make music on computers. We use Audacity and Garageband as our main tools, and we have fun almost every single day figuring out how to make music using audio and MIDI, but we also learn how to record vocals and instruments and even play guitar and drums if we need to.

We keep personal blogs (look on the right column of this page and click on our names) to help us remember what we've been working on, keep track of the all the decisions that we've made on our projects, and to share with our family and friends the music that we've created.

NEW 2013-2014 We're moving our blogs to Google's Blogger since WLA is using Google Apps for Education. Click here for Mr. Witte's new Music Tech blog. Click on the student names in the right hand column below to find links to their Google blogs for Music Tech and to see and hear what they've been working on in class.

by Dale Witte
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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a Bob Dylan fan. I didn't grow up listening to him (at least not intentionally), nor do I own any of his albums. But I do know his place in music history is huge:

"His career accomplishments have been recognized with the Polar Music Prize, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Kennedy Center Honors, and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Nashville Songwriters and Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was listed as one of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of the 20th century. " ([LINK])

Bob Dylan is an artist who defined an era and an age with his lyrics, style, and music. Many modern musicians claim him as one of their influences, and he has garnered an impressive list of awards. As young musicians, we should know something about this influential and successful musician. As an extension of reading the Fond du Lac Reporter article([LINK]) about Bob Dylan's lifelong friend, John Bucklen, your assignment is:

Over the weekend, (1) read the Wikipedia article on Bob Dylan (link in left column of this blog) to get more background on this influential music legend. Then I want you to (2) do some research on one of the following topics:
  1. Bob Dylan's new and critically acclaimed album, "Modern Times," debuted this month at No. 1 on the Billboard charts with nearly 192,000 copies sold. It's Dylan's first chart-topping album in 30 years. Which of his albums was the last one to debut at No. 1 30 years ago? Consult his Columbia Records page, and the Billboard website.
  2. What are Bob Dylan's most famous songs? List his top ten most popular songs by consulting the iTunes Store. Search for Bob Dylan, look for his top songs, and click on the arrow to see all of them. Then, copy the first ten onto a piece of paper and ask five high school friends and five adults which songs they've heard of (ask them if they can sing or hum any of them). Record your research and draw your own conclusions to which of Bob Dylan's songs are his most famous.

Your final step is (3) to comment to my Bob Dylan blog entry with your findings by Monday, Sep. 25, 9:00 AM. We will read your comments in class on Monday and you will share with the rest of your class what you learned about Bob Dylan.

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