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“You have mail!” The computer told me as I was reading “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” I walked over to the computer and I was hoping it was my old friends from Elementary school, Jessica and Maddie. It was both of them.
Guess what? I just got the email from the Winter Olympic Officials and they said I made it to the Winter Olympics! From: Jessica
That is great, Jessica!! You are so lucky. I wish I could come! From: Caroline
You should!!! The last couple years in the winter when we were skating you had so many good tricks. From: Jessica
I think I will try out! But I will need a new set of figure skating moves. From: Caroline
I picked up the phone and called the Winter Olympic officials. “Hello. This is Caroline Rush and I would like to try out for the Winter Olympics,” I told the operator.
“That is great, dear.” Now where do you live so I can give you the closest location to try out for the Winter Olympics? What is the event you are doing?” the operator asked.
“I live on Summer Avenue, San Francisco, California, and the event is figure skating,” I answered excitedly.
“Well, the closest location I am picking up is at San, Francisco, California, in the ice rink on 20th Street at 2:30 tomorrow. Sorry, this short notice but that is the only time available.” The operator spoke like it was her fault.
“It is fine. It is really my fault. I should have called sooner.”
“Can you sign me up?” I asked.
“Yes I can. But you will have to pay $50.00.”
“Okay, I will be there!”
“Bye,” I said about to jump up and down with delight.
“Bye, dear, and good luck,” the operator said.
So, I walked to the computer and emailed Jessica and told her that I have try outs. She was glad for me. Maddie also made it to the Winter Olympics. I went to the try outs and it was so fun. The Winter Olympic officials said they would get back to me the next day. I think I did a good job because all of my turns were light as a feather but full of joy, fun, and excitement. I woke up the next morning, and on the computer, it said, “You have mail.”
Dear Miss Caroline Rush,
We looked at your skills and balance and you are invited to the winter Olympic Games in Chicago, Illinois, if you are willing to consider this offer? Call us or email if you are coming or have questions or anything else.
Phone # (443)453-9087
Email: WinterOlympics@hotmail.com
That night I called the Winter Olympics officials and said, “Hello. This is Caroline Rush, and I will consider in coming to the Winter Olympic Games.”
“Okay, Miss Rush. You can see when your flight leaves on our website. Bye and good luck,” he said with confidence and hung up.
I looked at the website and it said that my plane was at 9:30 a.m. I was to be on plane 34 in two days, and the air port was South West Air Lines. I got all of my stuff together, like my clothes, tooth brush, hair brush, and a lot more. I fell asleep at 8:00 p.m. that night. The next morning, I got on the plane. When I got there I would meet Maddie and Jessica at the Olympic Village! I was excited to see them after so many years!
I got to the Olympic Village and hugged Maddie and Jessica. “Hi, I’m so glad to see you guys!” I shrieked in an excited way. We all hugged and talked till the night was over. The next day it would be the first Winter Olympic Game! I woke to the sounds of people rushing around. When we got into the Olympic Stadium, I smiled all over. I kept going through the lines of figure skaters, bobsled athletes, ice dancers, speed racers, ice hockey players, excited fans, and more. The first Olympic event was about to start and I was up. I got a silver medal and Maddie got the gold. Then Jessica got the bronze. All through the games it was Maddie, Jessica, and I all switching through medals; sometimes I would get a gold medal; Jessica would get a silver medal and Maddie would get the bronze, and back and forth the medals would go.
“Maddie Wild! Ladies and gentlemen.” The announcer said. She did amazing and was elegant with her turns, toe loops, flips, and Lutz jump. She was skating and fell as she was doing her finale. It was her biggest move, the triple axle. Then she fell so badly that she broke her ankle. It was a sad sight to see her leg was bleeding so badly that I could see blood on the boot of the shoe. It was also the semi finals. If she wouldn’t have got hurt, she could have made it to the finals like Jessica and me. The doctor said, “She broke her ankle.”
I and Jessica visited her every day in the hospital. But we couldn’t deny that we were the finals. That night was the scariest. The feeling of maybe not seeing a friend again is sad and scary. Then Jessica and I went to the finals the next day. It was close, so close that the judges had to talk three times, about the competition between all the figure skaters. The winner of the winter Olympic Games is Jessica in first and Caroline in second. Then last, but not least, Maddie Wild is third.
Everyone gasps, “What? How can that be? She fell and broke her ankle?” The announcers said, “That is true, but she had the best out of any of the other contestants in the finals except for Jessica and Caroline of course. The whole figure skating committee voted and Maddie was the winner. So, the Winter Olympic officials put a video camera in her room to see her reaction.” They put the video on the big screen, and there was Maddie in the bed crying with tears of joy.
So, all in all, a good ending!

The End
By: ER

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