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Doniphan West Middle School Computer Classes

by MG teacher: Mrs. Gatz


Blog C Chapter 11


                          Q-1. Do you think Jodee will get home sick and want to go home from Eastern Illinois University? I think Jodee will want to go home because she will say something wrong and then Diana and the other kids will bully her. Diana is friendly and nice and she sounded glad that she was roommates with Jodee so didn’t Jodee. She’s gets dressed in the bathroom because she don’t wont Diana to see her deformed boob. Jodee is glad that Christmas break was her and her family loves holidays they decorate ever thing and each of them are in charged to decorate something in the house.

Q-2. Do you think people at Eastern Illinois University will bully Jodee? Yes because she always gets bullied and she will probably say something mean to the students and they will not forgive her and bully her.        
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