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·        What student created questions in your group generated the most discussion and justify?

          I think that Payton created questions in our group that generated the most discussion, because if we started to get off track she would try and get the discussion back onto the topic that we had started to discuss. Another reason that I thought that she helped during our discussions, was because it seemed that she was always willing to ask another question when the other members in our group were running out of questions, getting somewhat off of track, or getting ready to answer a question.  

          One topic of discussion was in chapter 11, was when Jodee’s parents felt sorry for Jodee, because she was a misfit and her parents thought that at every school that she went to, it was always the same, Jodee always got bullied at every school, the teachers wouldn’t stand up to the bullies, and she ended up going to a lot of schools. While we were discussing this topic, several people in the group said that they were glad that they didn’t have to go through what Jodee did, because they said that they probably wouldn’t stand around and just let the bullies bully them around, they would probably fight back to try to stop the bullies from hurting them any more than they might have.

How do you think Jodee felt about being a misfit?

          One student said that they would feel sorry and or bad about being a misfit, because they wouldn’t want their parents to feel sorry for them, and think that it was their fault that their child was a misfit. They also said how they would talk to their parents and let their parents know that it wasn’t their fault, and to not blame themselves. The group member thought that if their parents were feeling sorry for them like Jodee’s, then their parents wouldn’t just stand around and let their child be bullied. Instead, their parents would tell an adult at the school, and ask them why the adult wouldn’t stand up for their child, and if the administrator didn’t warn the bully to stop bullying the child or talk to the bully, then the adult would be letting the bully get away with hurting someone else, and the victim of the bullying would probably keep getting bullied until the bully injured the victim seriously. 

          Another student said that they would feel like it wasn’t their parents fault, because they said that it was their fault, because it’s up to you to make your own decisions and talk to others around you.
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