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Mt.airy keeps its PEACE-

Welcome to Room 201's Classroom Blog. Third graders from Maryland who are posting their creativity for others to enjoy!

by teacher: Michael Sandridge
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              One Day a PIZZA was laying on the ground and some stuff that makes you a super hero fell on him and a day later he was flying. Some people caught him and brought him back to their lab. He didn't know what was happening suddenly the PIZZA started to talk. He said "Why did you catch me."  They thought they where dreaming then they said "you can talk."  "Yeah da!" Said the PIZZA Then the guys stuck a needle in the PIZZA and the they ran off.  The PIZZA heard a cry for help. He flew of to the sound it was an old lady her cat was stuck in a tree.  The PIZZA flew up slowly and coshusly the PIZZA got closer. Then he pushed the cat off and yelled catch your cat is safe now.  Then he flew back to his head qauters/dump.  He tried all he could to find a talking food sidekick but there was no talking food in sight.  So he wearily flew away and then he heard a voice it was talking cheese did I mention that when the cheese got caught they took him apart well they did but the cheese and the sauce where villains.  Then they started to attack the city.  The PIZZA knew he needed to do something.  He right up to the cheese and the sauce and said "I'm taking you down!"  The sauce and the cheese broke into laughter and while they where laughing the PIZZA took a rope and tied the cheese and sauce together flew above the jail used his heat vision to cut a hole in the roof then dropped them in then replaced the hole.  From now on the cheese,sauce and the PIZZA are enimies.  THE END

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