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by teacher: Rye Alumni

We learned about our space address. We live in the North-West Hemisphere on the earth, in the sol, in the galaxy, in local, and in another local! My love for you is as big as going to pluto from the sun and back.

We learned about air pressure. When we are in the low's, and have lousy weather, you come and make it high, and make happy weather.

We learned about the fastest thing in the world, which is the speed of light. But, my love for you goes even faster than the speed of light.

We learned about clouds. There are many different types of clouds. There is cyrus clouds, which are very high up in the sky and very thin. There are stratus clouds, long, wide clouds. We learned about cumulus clouds, big, puffy clouds. Also nimbus cloud, which are storm clouds, and even fog. Fog is infact a low to the ground, type of fog. When I am under a nimbus cloud, you come and clear up the bad weather.

Roses are red, violets are blue, 1 million light years come no where close to how much I love you.

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