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by teacher: Rye Alumni


Rye Jr. High needs new team uniforms. The uniforms we have now are around eighteen years old! Uniforms are expensive but it would be beneficial to our school and it will make us look more put together. We will look like we're ready to play and we're ready to win!

Our uniforms are getting old and smelly. They are starting to get ripped and they are faded. I think it would be good if we started with one sport and got a new set of uniforms each year until every sport had fresh new uniforms. And all of the students would be happy and good looking.

The teams we play against generally have good uniforms. We have old ones and I think it would make us look better if we had modern new uniforms. We don't feel as confident and I feel as if the other teams think we don't pay attention to our sports teams. But Mr. Fordier puts a lot of time into the teams.

Next year we will need new uniforms, who wants to be in 20 year old uniforms? I hope that we can get an appropriate amount of new uniforms before we hit the 20 year mark.



7th Grader

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