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In ancient Greece the god of emotions, Metro, was his name. He had to go town to town restoring the happiness.  If he didn't, something bad would happen like what is in the rest of this story. It was strange everyone in that town was so nice and happy it had seemed like there was no bad emotions in that town; the god who controlled that emotion was Metro he got all of his power from the goodness. That is in the world. After awhile Metro's powers on the people would fade off and the niceness faded till it was gone. Metro went to go see if he needed to even use his magic. Anyway without thinking he used his powers and the people became nice. Metro was looking down at them to go check to see if he restored all the happiness in Greece but as he searched he saw one boy that he say once before that he got most of his power from since he was always so happy but it had seemed that he was no longer the nice,happy person he was once before. Once Metro uses his power he could use it again for a year. Metro was passing through the town disguised as a trader selling goods. He approached the boy "What is your name boy”said Metro. “My name is Timmy.” He said “What do you want?” he rudely “I would like to help you young Timmy.” “ With what?” Timmy interrupted “ Just look around” as Metro pointed to some people walking by. “ Then look at you” then Timmy looked at his reflection in the water “ Actually I didn't know I looked that good.” Timmy said. “look closer” Metro said getting a bit angry. Timmy looked again and saw something that he “ Thank you sir for that wast of my time. I will be going now.” Timmy said in a hurry and ran off. Later that day Metro was walking to leave. Then he stop because he herd something that sounded like arguing. He turned around “Well I don't care if you have more money than me, because I am better looking than you!” the man said sourly the other person started to cry and then Metro started to notice that almost everyone had different emotions. What he heard was even more frightening. They were planing a war on the neighboring town. Metro could believe what he was hearing he ran to talk to the person crying. “Who did this to you?” metro questioned “Timmy” the boy sobbed “Where is he?” “there” the boy pointed to a tower “why do you ask?” the boy ask curiously “Well um... to... tell him that I found his cat so I need to tell him were it is.” Metro lied “ok” the boy rubbed his eyes Metro ran to the tower. As Timmy got bigger with power from all the negativity from all the people. Timmy was striking people with bad emotions. “Timmy STOP!” Metro cried “why should I ?” Timmy yelled Because you are ruining everything!” Metro said ZAP! Timmy struck Metro with his new powers “Timmy Help!” Metro cried as he was slipping off of the tower window. Timmy ran to help him for he did not mean for that to go to far. He garbed his had and Metro struck him every single drop of power he had left. Metro fell to the ground. Timmy went to go see if he was ok. “are you ok?” Timmy asked “I did it” Metro said then closing his eyes for the last time. For you see Metro gave Timmy all of the niceness he had left. Timmy became the new god of emotions but he left the emotions to a balance so everyone could act the way they do now. FIN

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