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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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Who said that making tools from stones is restricted to the inhabitants during the Stone Age? Indeed fifth graders at ACS, have also become professional tool makers.

Grade 5B were very excited about the trip that took place earlier to . This excursion enhanced the students’ understanding of the life of the early man in general and particularly the Homo Habilis. The trip deepened their understanding of the life of our ancestors because the students faced similar experiences, although in the 21 century.





A trip to the AUB Museum

Our Social Studies Unit “Early Man” culminated with a trip to the AUB museum. This trip was like a sweet dessert after a heavy meal.

The students very much enjoyed looking and examining the stone age tools and weapons on display as well as the procedures archaeologists use in their excavation.

My Grade 5 B students were flabbergasted upon seeing a real skeleton dating back to the age of the Phoenicians as well as the hand of a mummy. They thoroughly enjoyed the tour and impressed the guides at the Museum, who were very pleased with their knowledge in the field of archaeology.

AUB Museum - 1 AUB Museum - 2


NESA Virtual Science Fair

My students are very busy at the moment working on their NESA Virtual Projects in groups of three. The students chose their team members and started preparing their photo stories that will be shared with their e-Mentors and other schools who are signing up for this exciting experience.

They have already selected some pictures from different activities and recorded their commentaries on to the photo stream.

Also, they wrote interesting letters to their e-mentors.

Go!! Go 5B! I am proud of your hard work….

NVSSF Team 1 NVSSF Team 2
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