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Discover what's happening in the 7th grade classes at Rye Jr. High (A Middle School) in Rye, NH, US.

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In art class, I created a collage. We had to choose three themes for our collage. I chose color, pattern, and texture. It was color because I tried to have all of the pieces of the magazine cutouts be the color yellow, and I achieved that goal. I painted a wave on my collage to create a pattern. It has texture because of the way that the painting of the wave flows into different colors, and some different strokes to give it texture. When people look at my painting, I want them to see color change throughout the painted part of my work.
I used many different materials to make my work. I used the following materials: paint, magazine clippings, paper, Mod-Podge, Gesso, scissors, exacto knife, and tape. First, I had to think about what I wanted to be the themes of my painting. Next, I used magazines, and cut out some parts of different magazines that all had the same themes. Once I was finished with all of the cutouts, I painted Mod-Podge on where I wanted to put the cutouts. After I did that, I put more Mod-Podge over the cutouts. Once that was dry, I drew a picture of what I wanted the painted design to be. Then I cut out the part that I didn’t want to paint. After I did that, I taped on the cut out design. Next, I put Gesso on the part that I didn’t cut out on my artwork. Lastly, I painted over the dry Gesso with the colors that I wanted.
I think that the way that the colors flow in my wave that I painted, is what makes it successful. I think this because the three colors that I used all blend together, making a flowing effect on the waves. The ocean and the sun are what influenced my artwork in general. The yellow influences the color of the sun, and the waves are the waves below the sun.
I really enjoyed this art project, and hope to create a project like this one again sometime soon.

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