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Once upon a, NOT

By: mexico

Once upon a Great time ... That is how you would like this story to go but with your luck it won’t! Mostly because in this story it is a little-bit more twisted than you thought back when you only read the first sentence. The reason for this is there once was a girl named Cinderella she was treated poorly and lived an awful life, or so you thought! Maybe just maybe all that was a lie to cover up for how awful Cinderella really was to her kind stepmother! But I know you guys think how could such a beautiful, little girl do such a thing? Maybe she wasn’t so beautiful after all; maybe that beautiful girl you see in the movie is an actress covering up for Cinderella and such her bad behavior!! But instead of listening to me lets listen to the real victim herself!!

   Hello I am the beautiful, wonderful stepmother in a modest perspective. This hurts me to say to all you Cinderella fans but I must! Cinderella was not a nice girl and did not have a heart, for there was nothing that you could do right around her unless it was wrong! I myself have had to let her hurt my daughters otherwise she would hurt our pets!! Yes I did say she would abuse our pets!!  Now my daughters did have to share a room while Cinderella got a room to herself, while this sounds awful I would not want my daughters sharing a room with her a day in there lives! I loved them as I tried to love Cindy but as I said her heart was buried so far you would have a better chance getting to earth’s core. Let me tell you Cinderella’s real life!

      While it was kind of good to get her frustration out I thought it shall be a servant’s job, but she loved to scrub our floors. Who was I to stop her? One night there was a huge ball and she wanted to stay home to do nothing but scrub our floors. So I couldn’t ruin my children’s lives as well, so we went. Then for some reason when we got home she was very jumpy like she did not want me to know something. As it is I left it at that. Then a few days after the ball a prince comes to the castle doors saying he met this DARLING young woman at the ball; darling, pah-leeze it could not be Cindy now! So I made her stay up stairs because I did not want her to get her high hopes up. I mean seriously that whole lie was awful, do you really think I would stop a princess from marrying a hansom prince?”

 “Yeah pretty much” “Commented your step daughters. Hi I am the narrator Bob.” said me.

   “Let’s go back to me telling my story. Daughters if you don’t be quiet I will put you in the Dungeon!” said the stepmother

   What” shouted the daughters!


    “Ahhhhhh!” they screamed as they ran.

    “Oh hi I was just kidding” Blatantly said the step-mom.

      “Anyway, blah, blah, blah. I did not want to get her hopes up. She had big fat feet and they would not have fit into this slipper he wanted us to try on to see who the girl was that he met!

  Somehow though in her evil little ways she got to the prince and married him! Can you believe it, married! She left me in the dump; literally because I had to clean her trash all the time! After all I put up with from her, and the wonderful attic I gave her; most likely was a tad messy but good enough! I do not deserve this, and I most certainly do not with what I put up with from her!

      She was ugly anyway, just like all those other liar fairy tails but never for the good people does it turn out good! Well there’s my point; like it or not I do not care my life stinks anyway! But I do have little happily ever after, for every time I have to take her trash out I steal a bracelet of hers! HA HA HA HA! Who is happily ever after now, well still not me! But I will avenge!”…………………………………………………..



     “Oh sorry, Bob again I guess I am supposed to say THE END now so THE END.” said myself






The End

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