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One Morning Dan woke up early. He walked into the kitchen and saw a funny man eating a cookie. He must be a leprechaun wondered Dan. So Dan requested “please may I have some gold so I can buy a DS game”? But the leprechaun didn’t have any. Suddenly at the moment two little sacks of gold fell out. Dan was out of breath so he asked quietly “Could I please keep these 2 sacks of gold”? The leprechaun said “yes”. So the exotic, boisterous Leprechaun and Dan shook hands. Gee this was my lucky St. Patrick’s Day.

My countries of origin are Ireland and Italy. The Italian traditions are eating spaghetti and lasagna. The Irish traditions are drinking tea. I think kilts are ludicrous. Both cultures gave me catholic religion. St. Joseph’s day is from Italy and St. Patrick’s day is from Ireland. On Sundays I go to church as a catholic and pray at night as a catholic.

I’m far away from my heritage. Even if I feel Irish and Italian, in my heart I feel American. We didn’t live in Italy or Ireland. We live in America. My great grandparents came over to America. They came over to America about a century. It was inevitable for the people in Ireland to speak English because the English came and set up schools in Ireland. When we speak English it doesn’t remind us of our countries of origin because we speak the same language as in Ireland. Ireland holidays are passed on into American culture because the Irish have been in America a long time. They have parades and festivals. You don’t have to go to Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. The Irish and Italian change traditions in America so people would be nicer to them. I’m not connected to Italy and Ireland because we don’t speak those languages to day.

Stories make me closer to my heritage because these stories make my heritage more tangible. I like to hear stories about my background. My mom sometimes told me stories about my ancestors coming to America on my mom’s side. My great grandfather Alphonso changed his name in America to George after the first president. He started his own construction business. His job was brick laying. . Wow I can picture my great grandfather laying bricks He’s building a fort for my mom. I thought that story was excellent. He must be meticulous about laying bricks.

Ireland was a poor country because it was badly treated by the English. My great grand father Daniel was out after curfew finding a doctor for his wife. He got caught by the British. This is what my mother’s grandmother said “the British wouldn’t leave my father alone so we had to go to America.”

Also my great aunt Norah tells stories about ancestors on my dad’s side. My dad had a cup of tea at my aunt Norah’s house. My aunt Norah talked about my great grandfather Patrick. He came from Ireland. He came from county Kerry. He was a tailor in America. Aunt Norah said” I’m proud of my parents because they taught me everything they knew.”

I think my heritage is great. It has interesting places and interesting things happen in those countries. But I feel American. I’m not close to my background. I think the stories about my ancestors are the best way to learn about my culture. We listen to the stories about my ancestors making America their home.
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Hey Hobbes Fan, Nice story. I didn't know aobut our great grandfather and the doctor. I also like the star wars entry. You have a nice choice of words in the parent/teacher conference blog.
Your cousin, Colin
Posted February 9, 2010 at 07:38 AM by • Colin
Posted February 9, 2010 at 07:38 AM by • Colin
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