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Nordic Combined is a winer sport where athletes participate in cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Nordic Combined is played on snow.

There are four athletes on a team. Athletes can also choose to go in the individual race. The indivual race has been held in the olympics since 1929. The team event was added in 1988.
There used to only be three players on each team until 1998. Then, they added a fourth player. Each athlete gets to jump off the jumping hill and then participate in the cross-country race. The race is 6.2 miles long. It is about half an hour to and hour betwen the to events.

For each event you participate in you recive points. For Ski jumping you recive points for your distance and style. The time that you recive in the cross-counrty race is converted into points. When you ski jump you can get a maxium of 60 style points. The team/athelte who gets the most points at the end wins.

You use boots,bindings,a connection cord, a ski jumping suit, a helmet, and jumping skis for ski jumping. For the cross-country skiing you use a helmet, bindins, boots, poles, skis, a skiing suit, and wax for your skis.

The country that have won the most medals in the past are Japan, West Germany, Norway, Finland, and Austria. Canada and the United States have never won a medal in Nordic combined.

The first athelte to win a gold medal while participating in Nordic Combined was Thorleif Haug from Norway in 1924.
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