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When I knew that Joe Flood was coming to our school, I thought he was going to be just another person that was going to say, “don't do drugs” or “just say no”. Well it isn't easy to just say no when you are addicted to alcohol! Well he didn't say a lot of that, he took a different approach that beat anyone's explanations. He put responsibility in our hands. He said, “I'm not going to tell you to not take drugs, all I want you to do is to make sure before you pick up a drug you know what is going into you. Joe was a heavy alcoholic and drug addict when he was a boy all the way into his adult hood. It took him 20 years before he could officially say no to drugs. He also uses analogies to describe how your body works when drugs are introduced. He said "your brian is like a bunch of lights and everytime you consume to much alcohol a light goes out." You shouldn't have to go through life guessing what is write or wrong, you should listen to a person like Joe. It is healthy to go through drills like I did so you can get reminded to do the write thing! So before you "Flood" yourself with drugs, get the facts. 

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