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Project Safeguard/ Joe Flood


What I learned in project safeguard and while seeing Joe Flood may have been the biggest keys to having a great life. Joe flood gave a really great drug and alcohol talk because he had an addiction to both and he told us what actually happens when you use those products. He told us how the brain reacts to either of the products and what parts of the body that it damages. Project safeguard told us how to work through problems in the every day life.

Joe flood came and saw us in Life skills for two weeks for two ninety minute periods. He told us there are six phases of alcohol poisoning the first one is shutting down thought, the sixth one is shutting down the brain. Joe Flood also told us by the age of twenty five, eight out of ten people our addicted to drugs or alcohol, That is a big amount. He also told us that any chemical that goes in your blood stream to your brain is a drug because it does the same thing as an actual drug. Joe Flood really gave some great advice, he really knows what he's doing.

At project safeguard the one person who I was really inspired by was Ed Gerrity. He told us that a person who has a picture of their dream job in their bedroom is eight teen times more likely to get their dream job. Ed Gerrity told us to put a “dream” board somewhere in your house where you look at a lot. He said it reminds us of our goals and reminds us how much we want to achieve them. That is inspiration right there!!! Ed Gerrity gave me amazing advice and I will achieve my dream. Thanks Ed Gerrity=http://


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