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Joe Flood came to our school to talk about drugs and alcohol. He told us when you get addicted to drugs it is extremely hard to stop. He said that when you take drugs your brain likes it so the more you take it the more the brain is going to like it and get used to it. So when the brain starts to get used to it your brain wants it so you get addicted because your brain really wants it. If your families history doesn't have any bad use of drugs then if you take drugs you would have less of a chance of you getting addicted.

When you get drunk your brain slowly starts to shut down. The first part that shuts down is thinking. You start to stop thinking about what you are doing or going to do. You could do something that you would never do if you knew what you were doing. Then safety turns off. When safety turns off you can do more things that you wouldn't and also you can get alcohol poisoning. Your body wants to get the bad stuff out so it makes you throw up, but you are passed out before this stage started so when you throw up you cant get it all out so you chocke on your own throw up and you can die.

A way to stop you from chocking is well you would be passed out but if your friends bring you outside then you can survive. Another way to stop you from dieing is not getting drunk. If your underage don't drank because when your older and you want to drank you might not get addicted. When you are younger you have a bigger chance of getting addicted. If you are old enough to drank then you can just don't drank 15 glasses of beer. Don't do something that you know will be bad.

Joe Flood did good at explaining to dangers of drugs. He explained stuff so everybody could understand. Joe Flood did a good job explaining stuff about drugs.
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I really enjoyed it, and I thought when you were saying about the two ways to stop choking by just not getting drunk in the first place was a really good point. What I noticed at the end, you said "stuff" I would try to stay away from that unless you really want to say it. I really liked it a lot!

Posted January 22, 2010 at 01:28 PM by • FJEM
Posted January 22, 2010 at 01:28 PM by • FJEM
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