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The article we read in social studies related to history with how people were mad at each other by calling each other names that their four fathers called each other. They also were alike because they brought in some of the proslavery and antislavery men like John Brown and William Quantrill. William Quantrill was a proslavery man who hated the jayhawkers he thought they were no good horse stealing thieves and all they were good for was hanging by a rope. John Brown was the opposite he hated the bushwhackers and wanted to see Kansas become a free state. Now both of these men were brought up in the article. They were used to make the people over the border line of Missouri and Kansas angry. They used the raids on each other to taunt them. Some people thought they could put them down by taunting them but some people used it as an advantage against each other and bragged about what their side Kansas or Missouri did to each other. So most of the article was alike by what people did.

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