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What I Learned in 5th grade 05/26/10
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One day in the summer the hottest in Texas , I was hanging out with my friend Aron . Then we got bored and made a bet , if I can jump a hill . So I got my bike , the one I had scene I was five years old , and I was 10 years old at the time we made the bet . So I went to Richardson Rd ( the back of my street ) and got my right foot on the torn up foot pedal , and balanced myself with my left foot on the ground . When I saw Aron scream “GO!” I blasted off! When I gained speed my chain went off my bike and gashed into my leg, and the bike slammed into a tree! While I got up my leg was still hooked to the chain and yanked my flesh out of my leg!!!! There was a inch thick gash starting from my calf down to my ankle. It looed like a bottomless pit there was so much blood. While my friend Aron was running down the street, which I could barley see because my eyes were fill -ed with tears... When I got home the drove me o the hospital, while my Grandma Freaking out and yelling at me. “Don’t get blood all over my new Catalac!” Then when we were there I had to get 50 stitches. About 2 weeks later I could not run the same I did befor I did not get hurt. That’s when I got hurt!
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Hey It's Fred, I love to play guitar,drums, and to cook. The only thing that bugs me is HOMEWORK. LOL, That's the simple things about me.

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