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                                                               Early Man

1.       Hominids are divided into four groups.

2.       There is the Australopithecus, Homohabilis, Homoerectus, and Homsapiens.  

3.       Australopithecus means “Southern Ape”.

4.       Homohabilis means “Handy Man”.

5.       Homoerectus means “Man who stands up right”.

6.       Homsapiens means “Wise Man”.

7.       Australopithecus were living about 3.5 million years ago.

8.       Homohabilis were living about 2.5 million years ago.

9.       Homoerectus were living about 1.9 million years ago.

10.   Homosapiens were living about two hundred thousand years ago.

11.   Homoerectus were the first to tame (use) fire.

12.   An example of an Australopithecus would be “Lucy”.

13.   Dr. Donald Johanson was the archeologist to find Lucy.

14.   Lucy was named after a song by the Beatles: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

15.   The only thing that was the same about us (human) and Lucy was that she walked on two.                                                                                                                                                            They say   
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